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Calculateconvert.com provides quality calculators
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We endeavor to make every calculator
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Who we are?
CalculateConvert, a website dedicated to calculations and conversions
led by programmer and internet publisher Michael Tucker.

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Quality Control

Most calculators are initially developed on a basic math formula. Most of our calculators feature a "how to" or "formula proof" to show the maths process. This information is easily cross-referencable to validate our answers.

If a user does find a bug or error on a page we have made it easy for our readers to report. Our email address and contact page are available on every page.

Links to External Websites

Some articles and calculators reference or link to other websites. We do not endorse or control what these websites display or report.

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I love getting feedback on my calculators. Most of the time I can make small adjustments to the calculators on this site and will consider making changes in response to user feedback or advice. The contact page has all the contact information for you to get in contact.

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Proofs and formulas are provided as references.