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Result for 147.32cm and 77.11kgs.
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Calcultor Bird35.53

Obese BMI

At 147.32cm and 77.11kgs your BMI is 35.53

BMI Scale

-12 kgs
to reach an
overweight bmi classification.
Overweight BMI
65.11 kgs
-23 kgs
to reach a
normal bmi classification.
Normal BMI
54.3 kgs

BMI Grading Table2 for Height 147.32cm

WeightWeight Class
Below 40.2 kgsUnderweight
40.2 kgs - 54.3 kgsNormal Weight
54.3 kgs - 65.11 kgsOverweight
65.11 kgs and AboveObese

Weight Loss

If you were seeking a normal BMI weight of 54.3kgs, and you lost 0.90 kilos a week4, then you could reach a normal BMI in
25 Weeks
Or to be considered overweight, a goal weight of 65.11 kgs could be reached in
13 Weeks

Obese BMI Silhouette

Ideal Weight for
a 147.32cm Male or Female2

The ideal weight range using the BMI for a male or female with a height of 147.32cm is


40.2 kgs

54.3 kgs
How to Calculate BMI3 for 147.32cm and 77.11 kgs
77.11 / (1.4732 x 1.4732)
= 35.529351677
147.32 = height | 77.11 = weight kgs


  • 147.32cm = 4 foot 10
  • 147.32cm = 58 inches
  • 77.11 kg = 170 pounds
  • 77.11 kg = 12 stone 2 pounds
  • 77.11 kg = 77110 grams

147.32cm and 77.11kg Summary

What is the BMI for a 147.32cm and 77.11kg female? 35.53 BMI, Obese.
What is the BMI for a 147.32cm and 77.11kg male? 35.53 BMI, Obese.
What is the ideal weight for a 147.32cm female? Between: 40.2kgs and 54.3kgs
What is the ideal weight for a 147.32cm male? Between: 40.2kgs and 54.3kgs
If I am 147.32cm and weigh 77.11kgs, is that a good weight for my height? Under the BMI classification, 77.11kgs is classed as being Obese.

This Page is Calculated for the Following Height and Weight
Height: 147.32cm, 147.32 centimeters, 147.32 centimetres, 4 foot 10.
Weight: 77.11 kg, 77.11 kilograms, 77.11kgs.

Is this Healthy?1

BMI values have different meanings for different body shapes. A major limitation of the BMI is that the BMI value does not indicate the location or distribution of body fat, two factors which are important in heart health and diabetes. If you are at all concerned with your weight or health, consult a doctor or health professional.
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