Mortgage Widget

Use our mortgage calculator on your website or blog for free. To embed our mortgage calculator plugin on your site, copy and paste the highlighted box code into your site.

Our mortgage calculator can estimate monthly, weekly, bi-weekly or yearly mortgage payments, total interest costs and total payments over total mortgage duration. Same formula used in our mortgage calculator.

The widget is 100% free to use.


Below is a preview of what the mortgage calculator will look like

How to use on your Website

  1. Simply copy the code in blue outlined box above
  2. Paste into your website code
  3. Verify calculator functions

Mortgage Calculator on WordPress

  1. Copy all the text from inside the blue outlined box above.
  2. Log into WordPress.
  3. Navigate to find "Appearance" on the sidebar and click to enter.
  4. Now click "Widgets".
  5. Find the "Text" widget and drag it over to the section you would like for it to appear
  6. Now under the "text options" leave "title" blank and paste code into the large "text area".
  7. Now click "Save".
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