Concrete Report: 11'x11'x6"


Estimated Concrete Volume
2.241 cubic yards
60.5 cubic feet

Estimated Weight of Concrete

4.02 tons

Covering 121 sq. ft. at 6" depth
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Optional 10% extra concrete
for waste allowance

10% = 0.22 cubic yards
Total Concrete with 10% = 2.46 cubic yards

Order Size

This order size is considered
Medium to Large

How Many Concrete Bags?*

13560lb Concrete bags
10180lb Concrete bags
30.3Small wheelbarrow loads
15.1Large wheelbarrow loads
*Approximation Estimate

Concrete Truck for 11'x11' x6"

0.22 Concrete Truck Loads (10 cu/yd Capacity)

Cost Estimate for 11'x11' x6"

Purchasing ready-mix concrete is by far the easiest way to mix concrete for medium to large projects and can even be used on smaller projects as well. We have provided a cost comparison between ready mix and DIY concrete premix bags to give you a rough ballpark estimate.

Bag Cost Estimate

Pre-mixed concrete bags cost on average $3.50 per 80lb bag. Using pre-mixed bags to cover 121 sq ft at a depth of 6", the estimated cost is $353.50
for 101 x 80lb bags

Truck Cost Estimate

Ready-mixed concrete costs on average $108.22 per cubic yard delivered. Using a concrete truck to cover 121 sq ft at a depth of 6", the estimated cost is $242.49

Concrete trucks may also charge a "short load" fee for partially filled loads. Short load fees are charged at about $17 for every yard not used on the truck.

So for a 10 cu/yd Truck Load - 2.2 cu/yd concrete = 7.8
7.8 x $17.00 = $132.60
$242.49 + $132.60 = $375.09

Pros Do Everything*

$605.00$5.00 sq ft Low End**
$726.00$6.00 sq ft
$847.00$7.00 sq ft
$968.00$8.00 sq ft
$1,270.50$10.50 sq ft High End***

*6 inch pours and under.
**Cost assumes subbase and general prep is done.

Concrete Extras

A well-compacted subbase provides a strong foundation for concrete to lay on. We recommend you contact your nearest concrete supplier for their recommendations on whether you need a subbase, base depth, and rock type.

With a brief look, a 11x11 area at 6 inches deep, you would need approximately 3.18 tons or 2.24 cubic yards of gravel.

Concrete reinforcing is also recommended in high traffic areas and medium to large areas. Wire mesh on average costs $0.56 per sq ft and fiber mesh costs $0.13 per sq ft.

So for your 121 sq ft area, this may roughly cost $67.76 for wire mesh, $363.00 for thicker wire rebar mesh and $15.73 for fiber mesh.

*Reinforcing for 10 inch pours and under.
How to Calculate Concrete Amount for 11x11 x6"
11 * 11 = 121 sq ft
6 / 12 = 0.5 ft depth
121 * 0.5 = 60.5 cu ft
60.5 / 27 = 2.2407407407407
= 2.241 cu/yd
How to Calculate Concrete Weight
2.2407407407407 * 3590 = 8044.26 lbs
Density of concrete used 2130 kg/m3or 133 lbs/ft3.

11 ft x 11 ft x 6" Concrete Summary

How much concrete do I need for an area of 11 ft x 11 ft x 6" depth? 2.241 cu. yds.
How many concrete bags would I need for a 11 ft x 11 ft x 6" slab? 101 x 80lb Concrete bags.
How much does it cost to pour a 11'x11' x6" slab? Ready-mix costs approx $375.09.
How much does it cost to hire a contractor to concrete a 11'x11' x6" slab? A pro costs between $605.00 and $1,270.50.
How do you calculate concrete volume? Formula ((width x length) x (depth in inches / 12)) / 27 = total cubic yards. See our how to here

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This Concrete calculator can be used for a slab, floor, garage, block, wall, driveway, patio, countertop, footings, foundation, pool or basement, and most rectangular areas.
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