Concrete Report: 18'x24'x6"


Estimated Concrete Volume
8 cubic yards
216 cubic feet

Estimated Weight of Concrete

14.36 tons

Covering 432 sq. ft. at 6" depth
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Optional 10% extra concrete
for waste allowance

10% = 0.8 cubic yards
Total Concrete with 10% = 8.8 cubic yards

Order Size

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How Many Concrete Bags?*

47960lb Concrete bags
35980lb Concrete bags
108Small wheelbarrow loads
54Large wheelbarrow loads
*Approximation Estimate

Concrete Truck for 18'x24' x6"

0.8 Concrete Truck Loads (10 cu/yd Capacity)

Cost Estimate for 18'x24' x6"

Purchasing ready-mix concrete is by far the easiest way to mix concrete for medium to large projects and can even be used on smaller projects as well. We have provided a cost comparison between ready mix and DIY concrete premix bags to give you a rough ballpark estimate.

Bag Cost Estimate

Pre-mixed concrete bags cost on average $3.50 per 80lb bag. Using pre-mixed bags to cover 432 sq ft at a depth of 6", the estimated cost is $1,256.50
for 359 x 80lb bags

Truck Cost Estimate

Ready-mixed concrete costs on average $108.22 per cubic yard delivered. Using a concrete truck to cover 432 sq ft at a depth of 6", the estimated cost is $865.76

Concrete trucks may also charge a "short load" fee for partially filled loads. Short load fees are charged at about $17 for every yard not used on the truck.

So for a 10 cu/yd Truck Load - 8 cu/yd concrete = 2
2 x $17.00 = $34.00
$865.76 + $34.00 = $899.76

Pros Do Everything*

$2,160.00$5.00 sq ft Low End**
$2,592.00$6.00 sq ft
$3,024.00$7.00 sq ft
$3,456.00$8.00 sq ft
$4,536.00$10.50 sq ft High End***

*6 inch pours and under.
**Cost assumes subbase and general prep is done.

Concrete Extras

A well-compacted subbase provides a strong foundation for concrete to lay on. We recommend you contact your nearest concrete supplier for their recommendations on whether you need a subbase, base depth, and rock type.

With a brief look, a 18x24 area at 6 inches deep, you would need approximately 11.36 tons or 8 cubic yards of gravel.

Concrete reinforcing is also recommended in high traffic areas and medium to large areas. Wire mesh on average costs $0.56 per sq ft and fiber mesh costs $0.13 per sq ft.

So for your 432 sq ft area, this may roughly cost $241.92 for wire mesh, $1,296.00 for thicker wire rebar mesh and $56.16 for fiber mesh.

*Reinforcing for 10 inch pours and under.
How to Calculate Concrete Amount for 18x24 x6"
18 * 24 = 432 sq ft
6 / 12 = 0.5 ft depth
432 * 0.5 = 216 cu ft
216 / 27 = 8
= 8 cu/yd
How to Calculate Concrete Weight
8 * 3590 = 28720 lbs
Density of concrete used 2130 kg/m3or 133 lbs/ft3.

18 ft x 24 ft x 6" Concrete Summary

How much concrete do I need for an area of 18 ft x 24 ft x 6" depth? 8 cu. yds.
How many concrete bags would I need for a 18 ft x 24 ft x 6" slab? 359 x 80lb Concrete bags.
How much does it cost to pour a 18'x24' x6" slab? Ready-mix costs approx $899.76.
How much does it cost to hire a contractor to concrete a 18'x24' x6" slab? A pro costs between $2,160.00 and $4,536.00.
How do you calculate concrete volume? Formula ((width x length) x (depth in inches / 12)) / 27 = total cubic yards. See our how to here

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This Concrete calculator can be used for a slab, floor, garage, block, wall, driveway, patio, countertop, footings, foundation, pool or basement, and most rectangular areas.
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