Gravel and Stone Calculator

The Gravel and Stone Calculator estimates the amount of gravel or stone, in volume or weight, to fill a given area


About gravel and stone calculators

Use our gravel and stone calculator to estimate the amount of gravel, stone, sand, topsoil or limestone needed to fill your required area.

Definition of a gravel and stone calculator

A gravel and stone calculator is an automated program used to estimate the amount of gravel or stone, in volume or weight, to fill a given area. Typically in the US gravel or stone is sold by the ton or the cubic yard.

How to calculate how much gravel or stone is needed?

  1. Determine the width, length, and depth of the area you want to fill
  2. Multiply width by length (this = Square Footage)
  3. Convert "depth" from inches into feet by dividing by 12
  4. Now multiply the square footage (width x length) by the converted depth (depth inches / 12)
  5. This is the total cubic feet needed.
  6. To Convert into cubic yards, start by dividing cubic feet by 27
  7. Finally, ask your supplier what the density of the gravel or stone you will be using to convert into tons.
  8. Typically gravel has a density of 1.42 t/yd3. So multiply the density by the cubic yard to equal total tons.


(((w x l) x (d / 12)) / 27 ) * Density = Ton
w = Width, l = length, d = depth


Mr. Calculate needs one layer of gravel covering 20 feet by 20 feet at 6 inches deep.

(((20 x 20) x (6 / 12)) / 27 ) * 1.42 = 10.52 tons

The different gravels and stone types all have different densities. Best to call your local supplier to find their densities.
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